Significance of engagement rings for couples

Before discussing the importance of engagement rings for different couples, it is important to know that an engagement ring is a symbol of the promise of marriage as well as the symbol of the commitment to join as husband and wife as one in a lifetime relationship. However, according to some people engagement rings are not a supreme necessity in order to be married but in the most part of the world especially in American culture engagement rings are very common for the reason that it is an oath of love and is also a representation that this particular woman who wears engagement ring is no longer accessible to be courted by other men. So, one can say that the act of wearing an engagement ring lets other man be familiar with the reality that the feelings of this woman are now engaged with some man.

Which finger is most suitable to wear engagement ring?

It is a common fact that a lot of people believe that the engagement rings are extremely important for women than men and most of the women wear their engagement rings on the second last finger of their left hand and keep it in your mind that this is the same finger where their wedding rings will be placed on, during their wedding ceremonies. The right time of presenting the engagement ring to your partner is right after the acceptation of your marriage proposal for the reason that this ring is representative of the agreement that these two will marry in the future. The main reason of wearing the ring in this particular finger of left hand because the persons believe that this finger contain a vein that is connected directly to the heart and it is also believed that this is the right way of connecting the two persons by heart. However, in some countries the second last finger of the right hand is the right place to wear this engagement ring.

Trend of diamond ring as engagement ring:

In this era of technology, most of men today buy diamond rings for their beloved partners. It is believed that the tradition of diamond engagement rings was firstly introduced by the Italians. The Italian men prefer to present diamond engagement ring because it was once believed in Italy that diamonds were derived from the flames of love and as a result, without a doubt, characterizes as the bonds of never-ending love. However, the range of engagement rings can be from few hundred dollars to thousand dollars depending upon the financial condition of that person.